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Ron Berutti

Murray-Nolan Berutti LLC is already a national leader in meeting our clients’ legal needs with respect to Constitutional Law issues involving deprivations of liberty and civil rights. We handle the cases that others fear, including vaccine mandate challenges, medical exemptions, masking, critical race theory in schools, Second Amendment rights, economic liberty, election law and other issues that strike at the heart of our free and just equal opportunity society which we believe must be protected. Freedom is not free, and it always is only one generation away from extinction, as was said by President Reagan. We not only talk the talk, but we walk the walk for freedom, and we never will stop fighting for it. If your liberties are jeopardized by government or private actors who want to impose themselves on your way of life and your personal decisions for yourself and for your family, we are ready to help you, no matter the complexity or the odds.

Murray-Nolan Berutti LLC 

Ronald A. Berutti
136 Central Avenue
Second Floor
Clark, New Jersey 07066
(908) 588-2111

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