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‘Scientists lie to get huge grants’: Gain-of-function research has never contributed to vaccine development, scientists say

Risky gain-of-function research has never been necessary or beneficial for vaccine development, but it has allowed scientists to collect large taxpayer-funded grants, numerous scientists told the Daily Caller News Foundation.
In virology, gain-of-function research typically involves modifying pathogens to be more infectious and lethal.
While the recent COVID outbreak cannot be verifiably and indisputably traced back to gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the controversy has encouraged more scientists to speak out against the risky experimentation.
Additionally, other confirmed lab leaks have resulted in unnecessary and avoidable outbreaks, including an anthrax leak that infected 10 American researchers in 2014 and a smallpox leak that infected Birmingham, England, residents in 1978.

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