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Shedding Part 3 – Can You Absorb Lipid Nanoparticles From Being Exposed To a Vaccinated Person?I review all the routes of entry into the human body that mRNA vaccine nanoparticles can take.. and the ease in which they do so. The most troubling is via inhalation.


In this post, I will review the ways in which the synthetic lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), used in the Covid mRNA vaccines (as well as natural LNPs called exosomes) can be absorbed into the body.
First, a summary of the data presented in my first 2 posts here and here:
The Covid mRNA vaccines meet the regulatory definition of a gene therapy product
Gene therapy products are required to undergo both animal and human shedding studies (the latter were not done and the results of the former have not been made public by Pfizer).
Shedding studies are required because the mRNA is delivered to the cell via lipid nano-particles and LNP’s are distributed widely in the body
Pfizer specifically excluded subjects who could be closely exposed to a trial subject that had already received the vaccine.
The gene therapy product called Luxterna has a warning on its insert that the product can be shed via tears and nasal secretions.
Where is the evidence that LNP’s from vaccinated folks can be transmitted to and subsequently enter our bodies? From this review of nanoparticles (i.e LNPs/exosomes) they state:

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