Soros Gets Bad News as Ingenious Group Rises Against Him – He Can’t Claim Antisemitism NowOne of the left’s favorite tactics to discount criticism of anti-American billionaire George Soros is to claim detractors are “antisemites” because Soros has Jewish ancestry. But one Jewish group has just completely blown that defense out of the water.

A new Jewish group called “Jews Against Soros” has formed that will work to urge people to stop supporting Soros and his many organizations whose purpose is to undermine America and Western democracy.Created by Newsweek editor Josh Hammer and conservative activist Will Scharf, the group announced its debut with a tweet on Wednesday.“Today, we (@willscharf and @josh_hammer) are launching Jews Against Soros, a new grassroots coalition of Jews who oppose George Soros’s radical left-wing agenda,” the pair tweeted or Soros and his campaigns to undermine democracy around the world.

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