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Srdja Popovic – Global Mercenary On Behalf of Colour RevolutionRegime Change and Colour Revolutions Part 6


What Fukuyama had done was give political and philosophical cover to the expansion of US Empire in the vacuum created by the collapse of the Soviet Union. The “New World Order” declared by George Bush the Elder would be one where “human rights”, “rule of law”, and free markets would be prerequisites for “democracy”. Those that did not adhere to these values would become targets of US foreign policy designs (with notable exceptions, of course).

Realism was now gauche and retrograde. The idealism of exporting democracy (whether spouted cynically, or championed earnestly), was to serve as the facade of imperial expansion. This facade required constant reinforcement of the criticism that US targets of regime change fell outside of the narrow definition of democracy, and that the citizens of those countries yearned to be free of the “dictatorship” or “autocracy” under which they lived. They wanted democracy, and that would require either revolution or invasion. For a revolution, you need revolutionaries. For a global revolution, you need global revolutionaries.

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