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Suzanne Gazda, MD: Vast majority of her patients got significantly worse after the shots


She’s a neurologist with 4,000 patients. Most were vaccinated with the COVID vaccine. The majority of those vaxxed got significantly worse after getting the shot.

You can’t have the vast majority of your 4,000 patients get significantly worse after a “safe and effective” intervention.
That’s not safe.
The COVID vaccine should never have been approved…

In fact, the damage to your brain from the COVID vaccine is quantifiable in a $600 MRI test. It’s called the NeuroQuant test and I just found out about it today. It takes just 8 minutes in an MRI machine and gives more information than an MRI.
You can prove to yourself that the vaccine causes damage easily. You scan someone before they get the vaccine and then again 2 days later.

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