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The American Way is the Only Way

In American Thinker, JB Shurk gives us a powerful presentation of what is the Amercian Way – and what is not the American Way. Let’s take a look at some of his examples. We can see how our inner greatness will lead us off this decrepit “Animal Farm” onto which the tyrannical elite have tried to herd us.

From JB: “Ordinary people have extraordinary power.  Don’t believe me?  Watch what happens if tens of millions ever decide to close their bank accounts all at once.  Or critical sectors of the workforce decide to stay home for weeks.  Or a sizable percentage of the population refuses to obey arbitrary and capricious government orders.  When citizens become fed up enough to take matters into their own hands, those with government-bestowed titles learn quickly how little power those vaunted titles actually have.”

I can see a time when hundreds of doctors in one of those regional health systems band together and simply refuse to administer the mRNA gene therapy that kills and maims people. So many have already spoken out against the coercion by their corporate employers to harm their patients by perpetuating the fraud of the “vaccine.” And more protest every day.

From JB: “In America, no person’s life, liberty, or property can be said to be more important than any other’s.  This has been the shared truth, even when Americans have failed to live up to the standard, keeping the people in charge of their own pen and government force in check, if not at bay.  Although President Truman will always be remembered for embracing the notion that “the buck stops here,” ultimately, the buck stops at all times with the American people.  They are, as William Ernest Henley would attest, alone the masters of their fates and the captains of their souls.  That’s the American way.”

Look at all the parents stepping up to defend their kids from predator school boards. Grooming events… boys in girls’ bathrooms… gender confusion brainwashing… So many dads and moms have said “ENOUGH! Hands off our kids.” And more join in every day.

From JB: “It is not normal for a “government of the people” to regularly denigrate its citizens as racists, extremists, deplorables, terrorists, misogynists, bigots, and rubes.  It is not normal for any government claiming to be “for the people” to declare half the nation “enemies of the State.” These are the acts of a government committed to using intimidation, violence, and other forms of coercion in order to get its way.  In short, they are everything the American system revolted against when American independence rejected top-down force for equality, individual liberty, unassailable rights, and freedom of thought beyond the reach of the government’s say.”

With every additional election the Deep State steals, the evidence mounts to incriminate them. And it becomes obvious they bribe/bully/blackmail/ threaten judges to ignore it. But now even the compromised judges on the Supreme Court are speaking out. They know they should be on the front line of protecting our system of government.

They know the American Way is the only Way.

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