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The Bible: no mob rule, and no imperialism

Post title: The Bible: no mob rule, and no imperialism

The Biblical Patriarch Abraham formed a society that prevents both anarchy and tyranny. Rabbi Jonathan Sacks explains:


“So the Flood and the Tower of Babel, though polar opposites, are linked, and the entire parsha of Noach is a brilliant study in the human condition. There are individualistic cultures and there are collectivist ones, and both fail, the former because they lead to anarchy and violence, the latter because they lead to oppression and tyranny…”

“So Paul Johnson’s insight turns out to be both deep and true. After the two great failures of the Flood and Babel, Abraham was called on to create a new form of social order that would give equal honour to the individual and the collective, personal responsibility and the common good. That remains the special gift of Jews and Judaism to the world…”

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