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The ‘Climate Emergency’ Is a Hoax

by Robert Williams • September 10, 2023 at 5:00 amMore than 1,600 scientists, including two Nobel laureates, have signed a declaration saying that “There is no climate emergency.” The declaration is unlikely to get any attention from the mainstream media, unfortunately, but it is important for people to know about: the mass climate hysteria and the destruction of the US economy in the name of climate change need to stop.”Climate science should be less political, while climate policies should be more scientific,” states the declaration signed by the 1,609 scientists, including Nobel laureates John F. Clauser from the US and Ivar Giaever from Norway/US.”Climate policy relies on inadequate models Climate models have many shortcomings and are not remotely plausible as policy tools. They… ignore the fact that enriching the atmosphere with CO2 is beneficial… There is no statistical evidence that global warming is intensifying hurricanes, floods, droughts and suchlike natural disasters, or making them more frequent.” — 1,609 scientists, There is no Climate Emergency, clintel.org.”I was taught that you tell the whole truth [as a scientist]….” Koonin said. He noted as well the immorality of asking the developing world to cut down emissions, when so many do not even have access to electricity and the immorality of scaring the younger generations…. — Steven E. Koonin, former Undersecretary for Science at the U.S. Department of Energy; current professor at New York University, fellow at the Hoover Institution, and author of Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn’t, and Why It Matters. — Hoover Institution, August 15, 2023.Of course it would be helpful to research what can be done to relieve the problems brought about by man, such as the “hole in the ozone layer,” which is now closing, but climate change is not an apocalyptic emergency and needs to be attended to without bringing devastation to the hundreds of millions of people already in extreme poverty.The Biden administration, however, appears not to be concerned about the widespread poverty and massive starvation that will be caused by the unavailability of cheap and reliable energy in underdeveloped countries, or the inflation caused by the skyrocketing prices that are crushing Americans “barely able to afford one meal a day”.These are man-made problems, created by importing expensive (nearing $100 a barrel again) — often dirtier — oil from adversaries of the United States, such as Russia and Venezuela, instead of extracting it far less expensively at home.The Biden administration also does not seem concerned that it is killing wildlife, sea life and the fishing industry by installing offshore wind turbines along the Atlantic seaboard, or that mandating electric vehicles will throw virtually the entire auto maintenance industry out of work (EVs do not need routine maintenance), or that lithium batteries not only explode but cost thousands of dollars to replace. The administration even wants military equipment, such as tanks, to be electric, as if there were charging stations in the middle of foreign deserts in the event of a conflict. Moreover, according to NBC News, volcanoes, unimpressed with executive orders, “Dwarf Humans for CO2 Emissions.”The Biden administration does not even bother to act on its own climate findings: In March, the White House released a report about the impact of climate change on the US economy. “Its findings undermine any claims of an ongoing climate crisis or imminent catastrophe” Koonin wrote in July. “The report’s authors should be commended for honestly delivering likely unwelcome messages…. Exaggerating the magnitude, urgency and certainty of the climate threat encourages ill-considered policies that could be more disruptive and expensive than any change in the climate itself.” — Steven E. Koonin, Wall Street Journal, July 6, 2023.Never mind that much of climate change is apparently caused by sun flares, about which we can do nothing, and which, unlike commercial industries, do not offer grants; or that major wildfires are, ironically, exacerbated by “environmentalists” for refusing to let tinderbox brush be cleared lest the creatures there be disturbed other than by a wildfire.Climate expert Bjørn Lomborg suggests that the trillions of dollars needed to address climate change might be put to better use:”This isn’t an argument to do nothing but just to be smarter. To ensure we can transition from fossil fuels, we need to ramp up research and development to innovate down the price of green energy. We should invest across all options including fusion, fission, storage, biofuel and other sources.””Only when green energy is cheaper than fossil fuels will the world be able and willing to make the transition. Otherwise, today’s energy prices are just a taste of things to come.”

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