The Growing List of COVID Lies

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola  Fact Checked February 20, 2023


Lockdowns, social distancing, school and business closures, universal mask wearing,
use of face shields and plastic barriers, travel restrictions, the use of PCR tests to
diagnose infection, the choice of treatments and the safety and effectiveness of the
COVID jabs — all of these countermeasures were based on a combination of lies, fraud
and/or willful ignorance

Universal lockdowns have never before been used as a pandemic prevention measure,
and for good reason. It doesn’t work. To prevent spread of infection, you isolate those
who are actually sick. Healthy people cannot spread infection, so there’s no reason to
isolate them

An August 2020 analysis of COVID-19 surveillance data from the top 50 countries in

terms of reported cases also concluded that border closures, lockdowns and wide-
spread testing had no impact on COVID-19 mortality per million people. Another paper

published in 2021 found lockdowns were actually associated with increases in excess

The absence of evidence to support mask wearing for infection control was confirmed
from the very beginning by the same agencies and organizations that ended up
recommending and/or mandating universal mask wearing

To avoid making the same mistakes in future pandemics, medical crises must not be
managed by means of emergency powers. Emergency powers should be used only in
case of war

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