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The Insidious Way the Biden Admin Forces Staff to Preach DEI

Promoting the gospel of diversity, equity, and inclusion isn’t an extracurricular activity at the Department of Commerce—it’s an essential part of every employee’s job, according to a new memo obtained by The Daily Signal.
If the hard-nosed economists at Commerce don’t preach about institutional racism or display their preferred personal pronouns in their bios, they will face adverse action from their superiors. The department is institutionalizing the Left’s ideology through its employee performance reviews.
According to the memorandum dated Oct. 16, diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility activities are an essential part of every employee’s work at President Joe Biden’s Commerce Department, which is run by Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo.
“The inclusion of DEIA activities in a performance plan and critical element signifies that these duties are of such importance that acceptable performance in these activities are required for acceptable performance in the position,” the memo, available on the Commerce Department website here, states. “The attached implementation guidance explains where and how the standardized DEIA language must be incorporated into performance plans.”
The document lists eight options for an employee’s “Supervisory Support Activity,” directing staff to “Select at least one support activity to be inserted as a credible measure and performed in correlation to the DEIA performance requirement.”

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