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They keep us alive. We must keep them alive.

We have so many wounded warriors walking among us.

They have made protecting us their top priority. We should make protecting them our top priority.


“We have asked for so much from our warriors over the last two decades. In return, we must ask ourselves, have we done enough, do we do enough, when they return from the battle?”

“Bill loved the SEAL teams, the brotherhood, the camaraderie that comes with being a part of something so special. Bill’s traits, like so many of his SEAL brothers, included intellectual brilliance, a sense of invincibility, a certainty of mission, and a desire to sacrifice for the greater good. He operated in the shadows. But as his three Bronze Stars (with Valor devices) attest, he was a giant even in his very special community. Let me put it another way, Americans are alive today because of Bill.”


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