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The Legal and Moral Morass of Mandatory Vaccination

The COVID vaccines are experimental drugs.  Even if the FDA were still functioning as intended and serving a productive role in protecting the public from dangerous products, these drugs are not approved.  It is true that the FDA, after putting aside its normal procedures intended to better ensure safety, has approved a version of the vaccines known as COMIRNATY.  But as all public health authorities admit, COMIRNATY is not available anywhere.  The drug companies cannot accept any liability for the damages their products are causing, because they know full well they would be bankrupted.  A fully approved drug would not have the complete liability protection that a drug under Emergency Use Authorization has.  That there is an approved version means that under the law, the EUA must be pulled.  This is just another law not being followed due to this “emergency.”  Without the protection of the EUA, there would be no liability protection for the manufacturers.  The upshot is that there are no available fully approved COVID vaccines. 

That attempting to force me to take experimental drugs against my will is a violation of local, state and federal law, everything from the state and local Human Rights Codes, to the federal ADA, and a blatant violation of my constitutional civil rights, should give you pause in attempting to deny me my assertion of this religious objection.  Retaliating, or discriminating against me in any way, making it impossible or just difficult for me to do my job, is blatantly illegal, not to mention morally wrong. 

Furthermore, the bedrock of modern medicine is informed consent as an ethical principle, and I believe in ethics.  I am now informed about the COVID vaccines.  I do not consent. 

I don’t understand why I am being compelled to discuss my personal, private medical situation with my employer.  It is in fact a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the ADA, for one thing, but here we are.  The ADA prohibits employers from making invasive inquiries about an employee’s medical status, including questions about diseases and treatments for those diseases.  The only exception is if the information is both job-related and necessary.  There is no evidence that vaccination status has any positive impact on preventing the spread of respiratory disease in the workplace.  COVID is not any more of a threat than is the flu.  It is not necessary. 

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