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The War in Ukraine has Exposed the Perils of 21st Century Globalism

The unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine has exposed the folly, peril, and incoherence of 21st Century Globalism.  Unlike the economic globalism of the 19th and early 20th centuries that focused on the concept of free trade of goods for goods, this iteration can be characterized by allegiance to irrational environmentalism and the creation of elitist global institutions determined to mold mankind and impose regimentation on countries and their populations to ostensibly “save the planet.”

The invasion of Ukraine is the bitter fruit of radical environmentalism and 21st Century Globalism.  While Putin may have been obsessed with reconstituting the old Russian empire and marginalizing NATO, he would not have undertaken military action if his potential European adversaries had not deliberately derogated and compromised themselves.  After all, the combined annual GDP of the European Union ($16.2 Trillion) is ten times greater than Russia’s ($1.6 Trillion), and its population is nearly three times larger.

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