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They can’t defeat the human spirit

Truth Over Tyranny: Biblical wisdom for defeating the Technocrats.
These are my insights for defeating the Transhumanist Technocracy movement, based on the teachings of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, of blessed memory, on the weekly Bible portion.

We are becoming increasingly aware of the physical war the Transhumanist Technocrats (aka “global elites”) have been waging against us. Their current main focus – depopulation – has three components that destroy our bodies:

* mRNA gene therapy, disguised as a “vaccine,” that uses spike proteins to kill us, maim us, and render us infertile;

* unrestricted abortion designed to kill babies of “undesirable” race or genetic makeup;

* and along with abortion, other “healthcare” practices like euthanasia intended to rid society of “useless” people, such as the “mentally ill.” 

Then we have the recent assaults on our food and energy supplies, to drive us into a state of depravation, suffering, and panic.

Plus for decades, Big Military has been committing fast genocide with “righteous” (but really exploitative) wars (i.e. Iraq, Ukraine), and Big Pharma has been committing slow genocide with “miracle” (but really dangerous) drugs (you pick it.)

And the list goes on.

What about the “spiritual” dimension? Have these evil tyrants been attacking us there as well? They have indeed.

They are trying to impose “cradle-to-grave government care.” They are trying to own everything, so we own nothing. They are trying to make each one of us a “ward of the state,” completely dependent on the government – the “world government,”, not our national government – for everything we need. And they are very open about it – just check out the WEF public statements.

Their attempt to shape us in the image of the state through mandates is a violation of the soul, although they are not saying this part aloud. It is an attempt to co-opt the creative process that we each must have to grow as a person. To grow as individuals, we need continual opportunities to make a difference – to our own lives, and to the lives of others. Willfully. From the heart. Not per mandates.

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks illustrates this point in his commentary on Parashat Terumah entitled, “Why We Value What We Make.”

He explains that the mission to build the mishkan, the tabernacle in the desert, was the way the Jewish people reclaimed their dignity and self-respect, after being completely dependent on God: 

“The Mishkan was the first thing the Israelites made in the wilderness, and it marks a turning point in the Exodus narrative. Until now God had done all the work. He had struck Egypt with plagues. He had taken the people out to freedom. He had divided the sea and brought them across on dry land. He had given them food from heaven and water from a rock. And, with the exception of the Song at the Sea, the people had not appreciated it. They were ungrateful. They complained.”

“Now God instructed Moses to take the people through a role reversal. Instead of His doing things for them, He commanded them to make something for Him. This was not about God. God does not need a Sanctuary, a home on earth, for God is at home everywhere. As Isaiah said in His name: “Heaven is My throne and the earth My footstool. What house, then, can you will build for Me?” (https://www.sefaria.org/Isaiah.66.1?lang=he-en&utm_source=rabbisacks.org&utm_medium=sefaria_linker). This was about humans and their dignity, their self-respect.”

By “stepping back” and letting His people contribute to their own welfare, the Almighty was empowering them to grow as both individuals, and as a nation: 

“With an extraordinary act of tzimtzum, self-limitation, God gave the Israelites the chance to make something with their own hands, something they would value because, collectively, they had made it. Everyone who was willing could contribute, from whatever they had: “gold, silver or bronze, blue, purple or crimson yarns, fine linen, goat hair, red-dyed ram skins, fine leather, acacia wood, oil for the lamp, balsam oils for the anointing oil and for the fragrant incense,” jewels for the breastplate and so on. Some gave their labour and skills. Everyone had the opportunity to take part: women as well as men, the people as a whole, not just an elite.”

“For the first time God was asking them not just to follow His pillar of cloud and fire through the wilderness, or obey His laws, but to be active: to become builders and creators. And because it involved their work, energy and time, they invested something of themselves, individually and collectively, in it. To repeat Ariely’s point: We value what we create. The effort that we put into something does not just change the object. It changes us.”

With each contribution, each man and woman and child raised him or herself up to the highest status a human can achieve – a partner in creation:

“Few places in the Torah more powerfully embody Rabbi Yochanan saying that “Wherever you find God’s greatness, there you find His humility.”[3] God was giving the Israelites the dignity of being able to say, “I helped build a house for God.” The Creator of the universe was giving His people the chance to become creators also – not just of something physical and secular, but of something profoundly spiritual and sacred.”

“Hence the unusual Hebrew word for contribution, Terumah, which means not just something we give but something we lift up. The builders of the sanctuary lifted up their gift to God, and in the process of lifting, discovered that they themselves were lifted. God was giving them the chance to become “His partners in the work of creation,”[4] the highest characterisation ever given of the human condition.”

Clearly, today’s coalition of societal destroyers – leftists, marxists, communists, globalists, technocrats, and general totalitarians – have no interest in helping people raise themselves up. Just the opposite: they want to bring us all down, to a level in which they can assert maximum control over our lives. How absurd. I mean, even God does not want to do that! As Rabbi Sacks teaches, God wants each one of us elevated to the status of “partner in creation.” He is the senior partner, and we are the junior partner.

In my own opinion, it is absurd to the point of being laughable, for these tyrant-wannabes to think they can replace our partnership with God, with servitude to a world government. Yes, they have been doing a lot of physical damage; but conquering the human spirit? They simply have no idea what they are up against.

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