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‘They’re coming for your food’: Expert warns the ‘fix is in’ and ‘restrictions’ will be next

“They will be monitoring what you eat,” Morano told host Brian Kilmeade of the planned inventory that aligned with the ideals of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) scoring. “What’s coming next are the restrictions. We are already seeing it globally with a net-zero commitment. They’re going after high-yield agriculture trying to collapse them. We saw the disaster in Sri Lanka. You also have Bill Gates…America’s number one single farmland owner and his goal is to get us to eat his billions of dollars invested in lab-grown synthetic beef made from the stem cells of animals and literally put in a steel vat and printed on a 3D printer. Not making that up. The fix is in.”
As previously reported, Sri Lanka had been thrown into turmoil leading to mobs overtaking the presidential palace last July when inflation had hit a record 54.6 percent. Insistence on using environmentally-friendly organic farming practices through the banning of chemical fertilizers had cut the country’s production by half during a period of supply chain disruption. The resulting food shortages compounded economic turmoil leading to the unrest.

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