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This dystopian contraption is coming to your US apartment building: you will own NOTHING and be happy…

The WEF website calls their pods “creative and stylish” and is pushing them as a way to curb homelessness, but you know, their broader plan is likely to have everyone living in one of these dystopian rooms.
Framlab explains that each pod is meant to comfortably hold a single person and can be tailored to fit their needs and lifestyle. Access is gained via a staircase built into the aforementioned scaffolding. The pods are easy to assemble and fit together, which also allows them to be easily removed if they — or the building they’re attached to — are in need or repairs or expansions.

The agenda of the globalist green communist movement is pretty straightforward: squeeze peasants into the tiniest living spaces imaginable, strip them of ownership, dictate their diet (bugs and plants), and limit their travel to where a bike or their own two feet can carry them. Truthfully, that’s a page straight out of how the oppressed people of North Korea live, and they are willing to die trying to escape that lifestyle. Yet, leftists seem to welcome this government-dictated existence, where they’re instructed on how to live by wealthy elites who refuse to play by the same rules. It’s either cult-like devotion, Stockholm Syndrome, or outright ignorance. Perhaps it’s a combination of all three.

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