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THIS is Spiritual Leadership

THIS is what you call Spiritual Leadership. Any Jewish or Christian member of the clergy – really, anyone who considers the Bible to be his or her source of moral guidance – must speak out forcefully against the genocide of humanity being perpetrated by the WEF and the Transhumanist Technocrat mob.

It’s not enough to say, “We didn’t know about Covid. We had to follow the government.” Now you know that governments used the virus simply to increase their power. And did nothing to stop the disease.

It’s not enough to say, “I believe in vaccines.” Now you know that the data shows this gene therapy is not a vaccine, and that it kills and maims people. And does nothing to stop the disease.

And it’s not enough to say, “Let’s forgive all the bureaucrats, doctors, and local health officials who got it wrong, and move forward.” Turning the other cheek does not stop the vaxxing, masking, and lockdowns that are still being pushed – and which do nothing to stop the disease.

No, if you consider yourself a “religious” person – especially a religious leader – who pledges allegiance to the One and Only God, your job is to defy the tyrants who pretend they are the Almighty and seek to rule the world.

THAT is what your religion calls on you to do.
Thank you for setting the example, Archbishop Vigano.

His Excellency Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano is the former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States of America (19 October 2011 to 12 April 2016).

“I am pleased to be able to speak and share with you my thoughts about the current global crisis. A crisis that we can consider to have begun with the pandemic emergency, but that we know has been planned for decades with very specific purposes by well-known personalities. Stopping at the pandemic alone would in fact be a serious mistake, because it would not allow us to consider the events in their full coherence and inter-connectedness, thus preventing us from understanding them and above all from identifying the criminal intentions behind them.”

“…Klaus Schwab said: “In the fourth industrial revolution the winners will take it all, so if you are a World Economic Forum first mover, you are the winners” (here). These very serious statements have two implications: the first is that “the winners will take it all” and will be “winners” – it is not clear in what capacity and with whose permission. The second is that those who do not adapt to this “fourth industrial revolution” will find themselves ousted and will lose – they will lose everything, including their freedom. In short, Klaus Schwab is threatening the heads of government of the twenty most industrialized nations in the world to carry out the programmatic points of the Great Reset in their nations. This goes far beyond the pandemic: it is a global coup d’état, against which it is essential that people rise up and that the still healthy organs of states start an international juridical process. The threat is imminent and serious, since the World Economic Forum is capable of carrying out its subversive project and those who govern nations have all become either enslaved or blackmailed by this international mafia.”

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