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This is why I bother to fight

People ask me why I keep beating the drum against the “vaccines.” It’s simple:

Our country is at war.
I am doing my share for the war effort, by publicizing how we are being attacked.
The “vaccine” scam is one of those attacks.
It is being used as a lead-in to digital ID, social credit, and increased government control – over not just our lives, but our bodies. That is the Trans-human / Globalist end-game, so they are not going to abandon their crusade for “vaccine” passports.
So we have to keep defending ourtselves against it.

I also get asked if my publicity efforts have affected my business.
The answer is yes.
On the one hand, some people cannot face the fact that we are at war, and do not want to associate with people who can.
Some of them even work for the enemy, and shut me down on social media platforms.
But there are many, many people who realize that our fundamental freedoms are being threatened. They want to connect with fellow freedom-lovers.
From a business point of view, the new “affinity marketing” is based on politics.
Those of us who want to keep America strong, want to do business with one another.

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