This looks like a sure-fire way to end mask mandates in your school NOW.Would it work in your state?=====Ohio Father FORCES an END to School Board’s Mask Mandate for Children

… in short, public officials are required to carry surety bonds. These bonds are to ensure the faithful performance of the duties of a public official. Without these bonds, a public official can not hold office. And if an official receives too many claims against them, could have their bonds revoked.

He then pointed to Ohio’s Revised Statutes Section 3.061, a statute that requires public officials to be adequately bonded so that the public may have recourse.

“Allow me to clarify what this all means. You folks who are bonded, are carrying individual liability insurance. So if in your acting capacity as a public official, if you cause wrong or harm, we the people have a recourse. And can hold you accountable, and do not have to wait for the next election.”
-Steve Stated

Steve then cited Ohio’s Revised Code 3.07, which essentially states that anyone holding office under the Constitution of Ohio shall forfeit office if one “willfully and flagrantly exercises authority or power not authorized by law…”

Then he stated his claim, “I have written claims against your bonds, and I will personally put them in the hands of every parent in this district.” His document reads.

Finally, he demanded the committee take a vote by all members of the board on all Covid guidelines. While at first the board still overlooked his claim, the other maskless parents attending forced the vote. As a result, the board voted not to extend the district’s mandate.

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