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U.S. Aid is Subsidizing Ukraine Corporates, Paying State Salaries, and Buying Fertilizer for Farmers.

Joe Biden’s government is pumping billions of dollars not only into the Ukrainian war machine, but into the Ukrainian economy, using taxpayer cash to pay the salaries of almost 60,000 state employees, subsidize private businesses, and even buy seed and fertilizer for farmers. At the same time, NATO allies including Poland and Hungary complain their own farmers are being overwhelmed by Ukrainian produce being dumped on European markets.
Reporters discovered U.S. taxpayers are paying the salaries of all 57,000 first responders in Ukraine, and not only subsidizing businesses, but even helping them to secure new customers overseas via USAID.
Perhaps the most controversial discovery is the financial support for Ukrainian farmers, considering Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky is currently lodging proceedings against several European Union neighbors who have banned imports of Ukrainian grain – without the EU’s permission.
Poland, one of the countries involved in this fledgling trade war, even halted military supplies to Ukraine amid the dispute. It had previously been one of Zelensky’s most important backers, supplying him with warplanes and over 300 tanks, and pushing other NATO members to offer similar assistance.
While non-military aid to Ukraine has already reached the tens of billions, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) assistance to Hawaii following devastating wildfires currently stands at around $3.17 million.

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