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UK is weaponizing banking nowAnd you think it will not happen here to you? Wake up.

The gloves are off, and bank-government collusion is now in plain sight for all to see. First we had the abrupt, arbitrary and capricious weaponization of the Canadian banking system by the WEF-trained young leaders Justin Trudeau and his (former journalist) finance minister Chrystia Freeland. And now we have the British banks directly interfering with British politician and political commentator Nigel Farage (well known as a leader of the Brexit movement). Nigel is being completely frozen out of his accounts and any ability to engage in banking activities in the UK.

It has been observed that it was the German people who were defeated during WW II, not the Nazis. If you think that this type of thing, weaponization of banking to control your behavior and speech, cannot happen to you and your children- think again. Read about what the UK government (and Canadian governments) are doing, and in so doing stare right into the face of creeping Fascist (corporatist) totalitarianism.
They have no shame, they have no ethical compass, they believe that the ends truly justify the means, and they will do anything within their power to achieve those ends. Do you care about personal liberty and freedom? If so, it is long past time for you to act. Prepare and protect. Banking is not longer a reliable, stable system. Just like corporate media, it has become a weapon of the Administrative State Leviathan and its corporate partners.

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