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Uruguayan Court Demands Pfizer & Government Officials Appear In Court And Turn Over Information And Documents

While Pfizer is making billions from their Covid vaccinations globally, more courts are demanding answers as PHARMA trust is waning.

First, it was the U.S. courts, now it is the foreign courts.

Judge Alejandro Recarey has demanded that Uruguay’s national government – the Uruguayan President’s office, the Ministry of Health Services Administration, the Ministry of Public Health, and Pfizer appear in court on Wednesday.

Judge Recarey is demanding they disclose the exact components of the Covid-19 vaccine. He has given them 48 hours to submit their documentation while his court deals with an injunction request to halt Covid vaccinations for children aged 5 and over. https://ussanews.com/2022/07/05/uruguayan-court-demands-pfizer-government-officials-appear-in-court-and-turn-over-information-and-documents/

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