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Vaccine studies find a comprehensive catalogue of harm

THREE studies which compared millions of Covid-19 vaccinated people with unvaccinated people have concluded that the unvaccinated are less likely to suffer from many diseases including inflammatory musculoskeletal disorders, gynaecological disorders, and blood disorders. Findings also showed that those who had received Covid vaccinations were at risk of developing immune-related adverse events.

The study which investigated musculoskeletal disorders (injuries or disorders of the muscles, nerves, tendons, joints, cartilage, and spinal discs) said: ‘All Covid-19 vaccines were identified as significant risk factors for each inflammatory musculoskeletal disorder. This cohort study found that individuals who received any Covid-19 vaccine were more likely to be diagnosed with inflammatory musculoskeletal disorders than those who did not.’

The studies looked at all mRNA and viral vector vaccines delivered in South Korea. These included Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, Janssen (Johnson & Johnson), Novavax (from a US company), and AstraZeneca. More than 194million doses were injected; Pfizer was the most used with 67million doses delivered and Janssen the least with 7million. Forty million doses each of AstraZeneca, Novavax and Moderna were used.

Three separate South Korean universities combed millions of records from the country’s National Health Insurance Service (NHIS) database, a compulsory health insurance scheme covering the whole population (52million) which is used to produce various health statistics. The results are startling and shocking. They tally with what many of the vaccine injured are reporting. Despite mounting evidence, authorities are still in denial and intent on gaslighting them.

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