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WAYNE ROOT: This is Treason. Time to Admit Our Nation is Being Run by Domestic Terrorists and Traitors.

It turns out Joe McCarthy was right, he was just early. The communist traitors are everywhere in government, political leadership, public education, universities, unions, the
mainstream media, social media, Hollywood, judges, lawyers, even in the leadership ranks of the military and police. Communist traitors have infiltrated every level of government, society and industry.

And I know their plan. I learned it at Columbia University, Class of 1983. My classmate was Barack Obama. I believe Obama is now the leader carrying out this plan. He is the “shadow president of the United States”- ie operating from the shadows, while dummy dementia puppet Biden serves as decrepit front man.

And who is giving Obama the orders? The enemies of America – globalist, billionaire, megalomaniac, psychopaths George Soros, Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, Bill Gates and the Chinese Communist Party. Schwab, by the way, is not just a globalist who wants to make us all serfs, but also allegedly the son of one of Hitler’s right-hand men. That’s right, the billionaire son of an alleged Nazi is now trying to conquer America. Even biased liberal media who fact-checked this assertion say that Schwab’s father was the CEO of a top German company during the Nazi era- and his company used forced slave labor and POWs. Lovely. And of course, George Soros is a Jew who allegedly handed over Jews to the Nazis as a boy. As a Jew myself, I can’t think of anything more repulsive.

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