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WAYNE ROOT: Ukraine-Russia Isn’t a War, It’s a License to Steal. Biden & Democrats are Stealing YOUR Money

With our own country in economic distress (see $7 per gallon gas and massive inflation), a deep recession coming, and trillions already in debt, it’s literally the definition of insanity to give $14 billion of taxpayer money to Ukraine. Do the American taxpayers get a vote on this?

I know “the Big Guy” is happy. Biden probably takes his 10% off the top. I’m certain everyone in Congress is thrilled to get their piece of the pie. But that’s only the start for the infamous DC Swamp.

Billions will go to “humanitarian groups” controlled by George Soros, who will use this windfall to fund the destruction of America.

Billions will go to U.S. defense contractors, who will say “thank you” by using 10% off the top for donations to Biden and other Democrats in Congress who passed the bill. And inside these aid packages, contractors are awarded “no bid” contracts. No competition. How convenient for friends of Biden.

Millions will be distributed to the obedient mainstream media-who convinced the American people to support this boondoggle by always showing images of war favorable to Ukraine.

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