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We Are About to Witness One of the Most Pivotal Moments in Modern Historyby Michael Snyder

Editor’s Commentary: I hesitated to publish this article when it first crossed my desk this morning because I believe there is one fundamental flaw. It does not take into account that the events taking place in the Middle East are being driven by the Globalist Elite Cabal that wants war. To say that Israel has no other choice is partially true; we all would want blood if our families were kidnapped, raped, and murdered. But considering the Israeli Deep State, in conjunction with the U.S. Deep State and their Multipolar World Order puppet masters, very likely allowed the initial Hamas attack to push the war efforts forward, it’s not “antisemitic” to say some in the Israeli government helped manufacture these events.
I wholeheartedly support the Israeli people and the nation’s right to defend itself. I unambiguously oppose the machinations of the Deep State both here and abroad. These are not mutually exclusive statements. But as someone who does not want a single U.S. troop or a single taxpayer dollar going to anyone in the Middle East, I vehemently support peaceful de-escalation as soon as Hamas is destroyed. Unfortunately, I fear Hamas is just one piece of the puzzle, more players will soon enter the fray, and the next world war is on the horizon. That’s why I am publishing Michael Snyder’s article below…

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