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“What We Have Learned Is the Government Has Not Been Honest with Us” – Senator Rand Paul at the Globalism Rising Event at Regent University

This was followed by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. Senator Paul who is also a physician, began his speech with the following:

Absolutely without question, we’ve never seen a period of time in our history where the government is so dominating the decisions that you make between you and your doctor. I have friends who are physicians who come up to me and they say they are being threatened. They are threatened by their board credentialling. They’re being threatened by licensure if they speak up.

And what are they speaking up to say? – Many of the same things that I’ve said. One, that vaccines should be a choice, and really whether or not you get vaccinated or whether or not you get treatment for COVID, should be individualized. This is what Scott Atlas and the other doctors that advised President Trump said. They said, ‘why don’t we target the people who are most at risk and why don’t we emphasize them for encouraging vaccination and treatment instead of saying one size fits all?’.

I think it’s actually malpractice to tell a 1o-year-old that they should have the same response and same protective decisions as an 80-year-old…
…What we have learned is the government has not been honest with us…

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