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When people play God

Truth Over Tyranny: Biblical wisdom for defeating the Technocrats.
These are my insights for defeating the Transhumanist Technocracy movement, based on the teachings of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, of blessed memory, on the weekly Bible portion.

Today, we are witnessing the attempts by the Technocrats to “rule the world.” But God is the One Ruler. So these people are really trying to “play God.” Have humans tried to play God before? Yes, many times. And they have all failed. God apparently has no tolerance for people who try to pretend they are Him. Why? They always end up oppressing others, and creating disorder in God’s world.

In his commentary on Parashat Noah called “A Story of Heavan and Earth,” Rabbi Sacks shows how the construction of the Tower of Babel was the first attempt to impose such totalitarianism. This is how he descibes that debacle:

“That was the sin of the builders of the tower. Their aspiration (to “reach heaven”) was laughable, and indeed the Torah makes a joke of it. They think that their construction – three hundred feet high – has reached heaven, whereas God has to “come down” to look at it (in general, the one thing that makes God laugh in the Torah is the pretensions of human beings when they think of themselves as like the Gods). However it was worse than laughable. The Netziv (R. Naftali Zvi Yehudah Berlin, 1817-1893), writing in Czarist Russia and prophetically foreseeing the worst excesses of communism, sees Babel as the world’s first totalitarianism, in which to preserve the masses as a single entity, all freedom of expression is suppressed (that, for him, is the meaning of “the whole world had one language and a unified speech”). Intoxicated by their technological prowess, the builders of Babel believe they had become like Gods and could now construct their own cosmopolis, their man-made miniature universe. Not content with earth, they wanted to build an abode in heaven. It is a mistake many civilizations have made, and the result is catastrophe.”

“All freedom of expression is suppressed.”

“Intoxicated by their technologicla prowess.”

“Construct their own… man-made miniature universe.”

Sound familiar? It describes the Technocrats pretty well, doesn’t it? They actually think they can make people live in some digital “Metaverse.” And that they can assume control over our genetic structure as we do so. And that if we don’t like it, they have the right to silence us.

Rabbi Sacks emphasizes that such tyrants think they are above the law – and this leads to their downfall. This happened in Ancient Greece:

“When human beings try to become more than human, they quickly become less than human. As Lord Acton pointed out, even the great city-state of Athens which produced Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, self-destructed when “the possession of unlimited power, which corrodes the conscience, hardens the heart, and confounds the understanding of monarchs, exercised its demoralising influence.” What went wrong in Athens, he writes, was the belief that “there is no law superior to that of the State – the lawgiver is above the law.”

How true is that today? Just take a look at how the technocrat bureaucrats managed Covid. They made up the rules as they went along – just to keep themselves in power. And of course they did not bother to follow the laws themselves.

It’s all part of their “depopulation agenda.” They actually want to kill most of the people who live on the planet, so they can put the small remainder under their full control. They want to completely disorder the world, and impose their own order: Build Back Better.

Rabbi Sacks tells us that it is only when people recognize God’s place in the universe, that we can recognize our own:

“Only when God is God can man be man. That means keeping heaven and earth distinct, organising the latter only under the conscious sovereignty of the former. Without this there is little to prevent human beings from sacrificing the many for the sake of the few, or the few for the sake of the many. Only a respect for the integrity of creation stops human beings destroying themselves. Humility in the presence of Divine order is our last, best safeguard against mankind arrogating to itself power without restraint, might without right. Babel was the first civilisation, but sadly not the last, to begin with a dream of utopia and end in a nightmare of hell. A world of tov, good, is a world of havdallah, boundaries and limits. Those who cross those boundaries and transgress these limits make a name for themselves, but they name they make is Babel, meaning chaos, confusion and the loss of that order which is a precondition of both nature (the world God creates) and culture (the world we create).”

I believe the Technocrats of today will fail, just like the tryants of every other era in human history – including the builders of the Tower of Babel. They will self-destruct, as Rabbi Sacks mentions about Athens. Whereas we will preserve the boundaries between Heaven and Earth, and protect the order of God’s world – which includes our freedoms.

And we will prevail, because we know God has no tolerance for people who try to play Him.

But one very important point: God overthrows tyrants in His own good time. In the meantime, we pay the price. Just ask all the families who have suffered the agony of injury and untimely death from the mRNA gene therapy the technocracy is pushing on us. If we want to hasten the demise of those who oppress us, we must take action to protect our own health, life, and freedom.

May we each stand strong against the waves of oppression that surround us, and remind today’s tyrants that only God runs the show.

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