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Why are gas prices really so high? Here’s what you need to know.

Tierney’s Real News

Most people don’t realize that control of Russian gas is behind literally ALL of the inflation we are experiencing in America and Europe and the chaos around the world right now. Most people say “I don’t care – I just want cheap gas.” Well, if that’s what you want then you need to understand what’s really going on. Because our lives literally depend on it.
Russia has long been competing with America to be the world’s gas station to Europe and points beyond. 70% of Russia’s economy comes from gas and oil. America produces 50% more natural gas than Russia and almost four times more than Iran. Like Trump says – we have all the energy we need (gas, coal and oil) right under our feet – but Biden is shutting it down so we pay more! WHY WOULD HE DO THAT IF HE LOVED AMERICA? HE WOULD NOT.

You can’t blame Russia for protecting basically their BIGGEST and ONLY money making resource. President Trump understood this – he wanted to help PUTIN build the Russian economy BEYOND natural gas – without Putin having to resort to aligning with Germany, Iran & China – nations run by bullies and leaders NOT looking for peace!
That’s why so many corrupt politicians & world leaders want to control Russian energy and the countries (like Ukraine) where Russian pipelines cross. That’s why Biden, Romney, and Pelosi ALL have invested in Ukrainian energy companies that flow Russian gas!
That’s the same issue in the Middle East – control of nations like Syria where oil pipelines cross! That’s why guys like Rupert Murdoch are invested in Syria – to control pipelines there! They actually use terrorists and mercenaries to protect their right of ways and investments! NOT KIDDING.

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