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Why Is the Associated Press Lying About Gene Therapy Shots?

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola  Fact Checked January 11, 2023


The notion that the COVID shots are a form of gene therapy is so risky for Big Pharma’s
bottom line, they’re going to great lengths to make sure people don’t think of them that

The Associated Press published a “fact check” in which they argued that COVID shots
are not gene therapy because they do not alter your genes

The AP misled readers by focusing on just one part of the FDA’s definition of a gene
therapy — the part about modifying expression of a gene. But the full definition also
includes the words “or to alter the biological properties of living cells,” which is precisely
what the COVID shots do

When the mRNA shots were rolled out in 2021, they did not meet the U.S. Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention’s definition of a vaccine. They only met the FDA’s
definition of a gene therapy

The only reason COVID shots meet the CDC’s definition of a vaccine now is because they
changed the definition to prevent “COVID-19 deniers” from saying that “COVID-19
vaccines are not vaccines per CDC’s own definition”

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