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Why Planned Parenthood LIKES child marriages’They don’t want to say maybe children shouldn’t make these kinds of decisions’

Ultimately, the abortion industry’s support of child marriage boils down to the idea of consent. The industry routinely fights against parental notification laws, arguing that minors have the right to “decide what is best” for themselves sexually, and especially when it comes to abortion. This flawed logic then results in the idea of seeking to uphold the predatory practice of child marriage; after all, admitting that minors are too young to make the life-changing choice of marriage would also mean admitting that they are too young to make the life-altering choice of sex, as well as the choice of killing their own children via abortion.
In a recent interview, Jonathan Keller, president and CEO of California Family Council, expounded on this idea.
“They [the abortion industry] are basically worried that anything that allows children to be protected from these very serious decisions is going to impact the left’s view of gender and sexuality and abortion,” Keller said. “Essentially what we have is liberal legislators and liberal groups saying, ‘The very most important thing is to protect the rights of young people to make these very serious decisions related to their sexual identity, their gender identity, or even the life of children in the womb.’”
He added, “They don’t want to open the door and say that maybe children shouldn’t make these kinds of decisions when it comes to marriage, they’re worried that somehow that would affect them being able to choose abortion.”

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