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Will We See Another Kennedy in the White House?

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola  Fact Checked March 26, 2023


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently announced he’s considering entering the presidential race
if he can garner enough support. To support his bid for president, visit TeamKennedy.com

The Children’s Health Defense (CHD) and several other plaintiffs, including me, are suing
the Trusted News Initiative (TNI) for violation of antitrust laws. The BBC has been using
its market power and illegal collaboration with other leading market actors to crush
smaller news outlets

The CHD has also filed a number of First Amendment cases, including one against
Facebook, which censored the CHD, Mercola.com and many other sites

As a private company, Facebook has the right to censor anyone it wants, for any reason.
However, they cannot do it at the behest of the government, and we now have ample
evidence that this is precisely what they’ve been doing

Kennedy believes if he is elected to the White House he can clean out government
corruption because he knows where it is, what it stems from and how to correct it

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