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A true patriot and hero.Former Green Beret Gives Scathing Response to ​Biden Regime for Trying to Bring Back ABUSED Unvaxxed Soldiers (VIDEO)

In November of 2022, during my exit interview with a Colonel, I asked whether the vaccine mandate was legal, whether he knew it required an FDA approved shot to be legal, whether he had heard of the Nuremberg Code, and if the unit was doing anything to track down vaccine injuries.
In response I was accused of being extremist, reminded that the crusades are an example of what happens when there is too much ideology, questioned if I followed selfless leadership, and asked what I would say to a fellow Christian or Catholic that received the shot.
I responded that I was at peace and believed my actions to be selfless as I followed my conscience and did what I believed to be the right thing. I also responded that I would ask a fellow Catholic or Christian if it is justifiable to take a drug linked to an abortion; the murder of an unborn human and continued theft of its body parts and products; for a disease with over a 99.99% survival rate.

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