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Raphael Hayon’s Story: A Silenced Mission. Another piece in this tragic puzzle of Oct. 7th massacre.

This is Raphael Hayon, crying out his pain.
Raphael is an Israeli citizen who dedicated his life to listen on (radio waves of) Hamas communications and alert Israeli authorities on his findings, to help protect the Israeli citizens residing in the Gaza envelope. Raphael had prevented and thwarted many security incidents in the past with his work.
Months before the great massacre, his surveillance license was revoked and equipment was seized by the Ministry of Communications after senior security officials were fed up with his warnings. Interestingly, the equipment was returned to him after the Oct. 7th massacre, when the authorities suddenly needed his help.
Raphael identified thousands of transmissions that prove with certainty the existence of Hamas training before the attack, therefore he alerted and informed the IDF and senior security officials in real time. He begged for them to listen and act. He claims the attack could have been prevented if they had just listened. (Source and full video in Hebrew, here)
Raphael described in an earlier interview his disturbing findings of Hamas’ detailed planning, including breaching into Israel, massacring, taking hostages and more. (Source: Channel 13 FB page)
Raphael lost 37 friends in the massacre.

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