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As ‘Mask Mandate Season’ Approaches, We Learn The CDC Knew Masks Didn’t Work And Misrepresented The Evidence AnywayNew revelations show that the CDC knew the truth about masks and didn’t careIAN MILLER

As many of you already know in February 2020, virtually every available piece of evidence had confirmed that masks were not effective against respiratory viruses. Pre-pandemic planning documents created by the World Health Organization and the CDC itself either outright stated there was no evidence for masking, or completely omitted it as a potential intervention.

By April 2020, the CDC, with zero new evidence, dramatically altered course. If that wasn’t embarrassing enough, reports later suggested that the agency felt pressured by, wait for it, a New York Times article written by sociologist Zeynep Tufecki.

That’s correct; the CDC was pressured into changing guidance by an unqualified New York Times writer. Perfection.
To make matters worse, newly released information shows they knew soon afterwards they were wrong. And decided to stay the course anyway.

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