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Greece Arrests Almost 80 “Arsonist Scums” as EU’s Largest-Ever Wildfires Rage Across the Country

Greece’s catastrophic wildfire has taken a disturbing turn as police authorities have arrested 79 individuals on charges of arson. These suspects are being held responsible for deliberately setting fires that have caused widespread devastation across the country.

Greece has witnessed several attempts by arsonists to spark new fires amidst the ongoing wildfires, perhaps in an attempt to blame it on climate change.

According to the European Forest Fire Information System, wildfires in Greece have destroyed 130,000 hectares of land so far, setting a new record for the EU.

Minister Kikilias, addressing the nation via television, expressed his outrage at these criminal acts that endanger not only forests and property but also human lives. The wildfires have already killed at least 20 people this week.

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