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Banking on a Shot in the Dark

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola  Fact Checked December 01, 2022


In recent months, two Pfizer officials have bragged about moving vaccine science
forward at a speed that disallows proper scientific protocols from being followed, and the
release of reformulated mRNA COVID boosters without testing is now the norm

In November 2022, recently retired head of vaccine R&D at Pfizer, Kathrin Jansen, said
“we flew the aeroplane while we were still building it. We couldn’t wait for data, we had to
do so much at risk.” Pfizer compressed its vaccine development timeline from 10 years
to a mere nine months by simultaneously developing and testing the product in human

Pfizer and other COVID jab makers hid side effects by eliminating the control groups long
before the studies were over

Vaccine makers are readying to release other mRNA shots, many of which are being fasttracked and predicted to receive authorization in months rather than years. Moderna is
working on a three-in-one shot for COVID, flu and RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), and
they seem to expect releasing it before clinical trials are finished

Pfizer quoted and relied on data from Israel when it sought approval from the FDA, and as
it turns out, the Israeli government hid information about side effects. It didn’t even
implement its surveillance system until a year after the shots rolled out, and when the
data were analyzed, researchers concluded there were causative links between certain
side effects and the jabs

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