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Thank you, JB Shurk in American Thinker, for showing us the difference between being “woke” and “waking up.”

Americans are indeed waking up.

You know that the woke crowd is panicking when they pull out the stoppers to shut us all up – so we won’t wake each other up.

Sorry. People are already on to your attempted takeover of our country.

Did you really think we would just blindly hand over our homes, jobs, business, communities, bodies, and kids?

“Now, what have we witnessed during the last two-plus decades?  Cultural and political moves in the opposite direction that have shocked the “long marchers” and “awakened” a lot of Americans who had drearily slumbered while Big Government tyranny took over their lives.  Westerners are talking about free speech, individual rights, and liberty again.  They are questioning the banking and monetary systems that have stolen their wealth and kept them indebted.  They are demanding an end to open borders and renewed respect for citizens’ prerogatives.  They are judging unpopular foreign wars as money-laundering operations meant to enrich D.C. politicians and their corporate patrons.  They are rejecting government-directed propaganda meant to twist their minds, influence their behaviors, and harm their children.  They are openly questioning the legitimacy of suspicious “elections” and rejecting unchecked bureaucratic authority.  They are repudiating “politically correct” indoctrination and trespassing beyond the unwanted imposition of the left’s cultural “taboos.”  They are mocking “elites” to their faces!  They are, in other words, rebelling against a rotten, wobbly, increasingly totalitarian system that cannot naturally last.”

“The telltale sign that the “system” is afraid is its remarkable campaign to rid Westerners of their free speech by criminalizing it as harmful misinformation.  Do you think even the worst American politicians on the left — think Hillary Clinton here — could have imagined in the 1960s that they would be actively calling for prohibitions against discourse?  Definitely not.  America’s monument to freedom took shape in the crucible of unfettered political speech.  Only when the system is so vulnerable that it must bar dissenting points of view will a nation betray its foundational ideals in a misguided effort at preservation.”

“Elites” embrace censorship because they have lost a monopoly on the writing of history’s events.  Everyone’s heard that history is written by the victors and that history is a set of lies agreed upon, but what if these rather cynical sayings no longer pack as much unvarnished truth?  Two years after the Establishment declared victory for Joe Biden, well over half the country believes his “election” to be the result of cheating and fraud.  Decades of nonstop global warming hysteria and three years of COVID-1984 propaganda — both disguising religious fanaticism as “science” — have yet to brainwash a stubborn contingent of freethinkers who refuse to be swallowed by State-sponsored lies.  Almost sixty years after JFK’s assassination, over 60% of Americans still do not believe the government’s official story surrounding his murder.  And nearly 60% of American voters see mainstream news organizations as a direct “threat to democracy.”

“If history were still largely written by the victors, then why do so many Americans doubt Biden’s legitimacy?  If history were nothing more than agreed upon lies, then why do the great majority of Americans believe that the U.S. government was directly involved in either President Kennedy’s assassination or its cover-up?  When corporate media disparage points of view held by majorities of the population as “conspiracy theories,” while insisting that real truth is found only in the “narratives” pushed by a collection of fringe minority “elites” and government operatives, then lies told by putative victors have lost their absolute power.  Maybe that’s why Americans view the same news corporations that laughingly knight themselves as “guardians of democracy” as one of democracy’s gravest threats.”

“This is certain: Americans’ rising political self-consciousness is real, it is here to stay, and it is potent.’

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