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Beware the people who play God

It’s a good point by Tal Bachman: people who reject God – and thereby what is Good – too often end up playing god – and perpetrating evil.

From American Greatness:

“Put another way, a straight line connects Enlightenment denigration of traditional religious belief to the rise of replacement political religions centered around men acting as imitation gods. Far from attempting to mimic the benevolent God they sought to replace, these man-gods, almost without exception, have been psychopaths…”

“But not just psychopaths. Robespierre, Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, et al., were mass-raping, mass-torturing, mass-enslaving, mass-murdering psychopaths, if not by their own hands, then through proxies. The careers of these fiends entail the worst abuses ever committed on this planet…”

“And crucially, in almost every case, these psychopaths have justified their inhuman cruelty by citing the pursuit of progress as an ethical imperative derived from reason and science—the very things modern anti-theists still insist provide ethics superior to those of the Judeo-Christian tradition, despite 200 million killed by these people in the last century alone…”


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