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What is your fight persona?

The martial artist has long been narrowly defined as simply a killer. The folks at Bushido point out that there are many types of fighters.

What’s interesting to me is that personas apply also to conflict that is not physical. People approach verbal confrontations with specific styles too. You could be someone who goes for the “knockout” to win the argument; who simply wants to stop the other person from fighting with you; who wants to make a good showing of him or herself; or who wants to emerge from the conflict with increased understanding.

For sure, there is a bit of each in all of us; but typically one is dominant. Which persona are you when you have a conflict with somebody?


“In the world of fighting arts, there has been an evolution of style and function to meet the needs of the modern enthusiast.  Centuries past, there was perhaps one type of fighter – the one who is trained to kill.  In 2021, there are far more benefits to training in martial arts than just the need for self-defense or competitive advantage.  With the Fight Personas, we evaluate the common four – the prize fighter, the survivalist, the athlete and the monk.  For some, a single persona may fit their goals in the arts.  For others, they may feel a connection to many of the personas, if not all four.  Explore below and find out for yourself.”


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