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Government must be FOR the people

Erick-Woods Erickson of RedState hits the nail on the head about the destructive effect on the economy Biden Administration policies are having.

He points out that they are taking measures to drive up energy prices. Why do that? I think that perhaps the green activists among them are winning in their quest to force us to use less gas.

He also describes how extended unemployment benefits are crippling small businesses, by depriving them of their workforce. Why do that? I think maybe it is to drive people into working for large corporations, who could afford a to pay a higher wage – and who could get them “woke.”


“Separately, the Biden Administration has worked to raise gas prices to curtail the consumption of gas. From cutting pipelines to obstructing drilling to even walking away from the Saudis in the Yemeni situation, the Biden Administration is driving up energy prices. That too will lead to increasings in the costs of goods.”

“The war on small business in America may be unintentional, but it is happening and it will most likely be the single biggest factor in a restoration of the GOP to a congressional majority and could lead to a restoration of Donald Trump in the White House. It would be a bitter irony for the Democrats if Donald Trump gets re-elected in 2024 because they sparked an economic crisis in their quest to fundamentally transform America.”


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