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CDC Says Moderna’s Covid-19 Vaccine Poses Greater Heart Inflammation Risk Than Pfizer

Daniel Horowitz, the senior editor at The Blaze, tweeted on Monday regarding the side effects of the Moderna vaccine.
“Holy Moly! one-quarter of the kids in Moderna’s trial reported Grade 3 side effects, meaning they couldn’t go to school https://fda.gov/media/159189/download… So many had flu-like symptoms! Even the original strain of covid mainly did this to kids. Yet, we are giving them these symptoms upfront,” Horowitz tweeted.

Moderna doc submitted to FDA VRBPAC for kid shots meeting this week, pg 101.They claim myocarditis & pericarditis from their V is mostly mild and less consequential than myocarditis from COVID. Are young males getting myocarditis from COVID?

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