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Why the West Lusts After Ukraine

With this bounty of natural resources Ukraine, in theory, should have been in the catbird’s seat and surpassed Germany as an economic powerhouse. But corruption and insider dealing took precedence and the Ukrainian people suffered while the Biden, Clinton, Kerry and Romney families enriched themselves.

If you have labored under the false narrative that Russia is an economic midget trying to play with the so-called “first world big boys”, these facts show that you have been fed a massive, false narrative. Russia’s natural resources exceed those of Ukraine. A united Russia and Ukraine represents a true economic powerhouse. Those two countries actually make things and have the internal resources necessary to produce them. The United States and Europe do not. And there are no stashes of alternative supplies in other countries capable of replacing what Russia and Ukraine mine and harvest. This is why the United States and Europe are desperate to weaken Russia. The writing is on the wall for all to read.

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