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Chinese Future Weapons of War – Genetically Engineered ‘Ethnic Bioweapons’?

So how does this “science” work? Someone with a unique gene structure is easier to target, although research says that some of these SBWs (specific bioweapons) with a high level of asymptomatic transmission might be spread through human contact until the person or persons with the right gene sequence comes in contact with it. But wait — being able to incapacitate or kill targeted people or groups could be only part of the function of these weapons. As impossible as it sounds, they may even be able to hone in on certain personality traits, making a target who might be naturally more aggressive less so, turning them more acquiescent, erratic or confused, or even hyper-aggressive…

Another valid question: Could a possible black market for these kinds of weapons emerge? Antisemitism is once again on the rise in Europe. Groups like Romany Gypsies are an often-discriminated group throughout Europe, as are Kurds in the Middle East. Could these weapons get into the wrong hands of someone in the U.S.? And as long as we are talking about bioweapons that would likely be in the form of a virus let’s remember, viruses mutate.

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