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College drop-outs and wise men

It used to be that college drop-outs were stigmatized. Today, given the decay and corruption of higher education, they could be considered wise men.

In the blog post below, Don Surber makes some solid points. Given today’s political climate, I would add the following:

Why get forced to take a “vaccination” you don’t need?

Who can really learn via Zoom?

Why expose yourself to an environment that demeans people who are male, white, heterosexual, religious, conservative, patriotic, or enterprising?

Why waste your money on this indoctrination – or your parents money, or go into debt for it?


“College is expensive and anymore is geared toward women. An accusation is all a woman needs to get an ex-boyfriend expelled for rape. Why should young men go into debt when they can get a job, get a car, and get a girl without the hassle of being accused of rape when they break up?”


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