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Doctor Warns: Covid ‘Vaccine’ Designed to Infiltrate Every Part of Your Body, ‘That’s Why People Are Dying’

“These are life-shortening injections. Everyone who gets shot after shot after shot of these covid-19 shots is shortening their life with each and every single injection. The covid shot does not stop you from getting covid; it actually makes you more likely to get covid by three to four times,” he told the crowd gathered outside the Astra Zeneca offices in Mississauga. “Stop them right now, I say to every premier in Canada, do what you can to discourage your people from getting these vaccinations.”

Dr. Shoemaker presented a litany of shocking statistics. “We now have 80 doctorsbetween ages 25 and 55 who have died in the last 60 days in Canada. And it’s only the physicians who are getting third and fourth shots which are dying suddenly,” he said. Doctors, he explains, are taking the shots for all the right reasons; because they are told to do so. They have been led to believe that it will protect their patients because they’ll work to reduce covid. But none of this is true.

According to Dr. Shoemaker, “once you get your third, and certainly once you get your fourth shot, your immune system is so fried and damaged that you get covid more easily. So, in other words, after your first shot, you are on a slide into immune deficiency.” Any efficacy of these shots last approximately three months, but the side effects and immune-destroying capabilities last a lifetime.

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