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Election Fraud 2.0! O.K., So What Are You Gonna Do About It?By Jay Valentine

We know election stealing is the intended end for the ballot-first strategy.
We know how they do it. We see, thanks to Fractal Programming, literally every voter in every state across scores of databases; we can determine if they are likely fake. Same thing with addresses.
We can see voter rolls, on different dates and attack “sovereign voter fraud” when the government is in on it. We can see when the voter is inactive, changed to active, voted, then changed back – invisible to most current tech.
After my last piece on election fraud, I counted almost 1,000 emails. The top question: “What can I do?
The answer is to demand every major political campaign have a voter clean-up strategy.
Why would you donate your time, your dough, to a candidate who will just get screwed by phantoms while his or her opponent refuses to debate and lives in a basement?
And start raising hell with your state reps to dump ERIC. Why would any Republican state use a phantom voter care and feeding system?
We will never eliminate mail-in voting. We can, however, chase phantoms off the voter rolls and end much of the election stealing.
They are all around us – we have them just where we want them.
Now let’s eliminate their phantom ballot inventory.

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