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A veteran medical examiner who reviewed 4000 Covid deaths explains how many were REALLY from Covid (and how many were of healthy people)Dr. Brian Peterson ran the Milwaukee County medical examiner’s office until he was suddenly forced to retire in September; did his honesty about Covid cost him his job?Alex Berenson

When the coronavirus epidemic began in 2020, Peterson decided to review every Covid-related death in the county – to see for himself who was dying and how. Over the next two-and-a-half years, he made brief reviews of medical records for about 4,000 people that physicians had said died of Covid.

In other words, about 40 percent of all the deaths attributed to Covid had either a marginal link to it or none at all.
The remaining 60 percent came in people who had positive coronavirus tests, had Covid symptoms and were received Covid-specific treatments, and were not at imminent risk of death when they contracted Covid and died.
In those cases, Peterson agreed that the coronavirus was the primary cause of death and reported it that way on their death certificates.
Stil, the people who died of Covid were almost always very unhealthy, he said.
“Even those folks had comorbidities that were substantial.”

I asked him directly: of the 4,000 Covid deaths, how many people would he classify as healthy before they contracted Sars-Cov-2?
Fewer than 100, he said.
Could he be more specific?
In other words, fewer than 1 percent of all the Covid deaths Peterson reviewed had occurred in people who were not already very unwell.

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