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Feel free to marry

We often think of being “free” to get married, as relating to legal and social constraints: age of consent; cultural norms; and so on.

But there can be internal / psychological barriers as well. They have to do with your feelings of security. The more secure you feel, the more free you feel to marry, and form other close relationshjps.

The authors of this article use behavioral typing to show us where we might fall on the security – insecurity spectrum. We each probably are a mix, but lean closer to one type. The good news is that regardless of how secure you feel, there are ways to feel more so, by engaging the help of your partner.


“In conclusion, there’s no need to judge your attachment type and it’s possible to get married with it. But the more responsibility you take for it and work to become increasingly more secure, and see what can be desirable about a Secure dynamic, the more options you have and the smoother it will go for you.”


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